Brake Repair & Replacement in Las Vegas, NV

If your brakes aren’t stopping the way they used to, you could be putting yourself or others on the road at risk. Come to Qwest Automotive Service for complete brake repair and replacement services in Las Vegas, NV. We aim to restore your stopping power and make sure your brakes keep you safe—even when you need to stop on a dime. From simple pad and shoe replacements to more extensive brake work, we never compromise on the quality of service because we know how important your brakes are every time you get behind the wheel.

Brake Replacement

Depending on your driving habits, you likely need a brake replacement once every 25-30k miles. If your brakes start to squeal when you press them or aren’t quick to stop you, it’s a sign they’re due right now. We’ll swap out your worn pads for replacements to give your vehicle back its stopping power.

Brake Repair

If you let your brakes go longer than they should without new pads, you could face the prospect of brake repair. We’ll replace warped calipers and damaged rotors so your brakes are able to function smoothly once again. We can also inspect peripheral equipment and recommend replacements where needed.

Master Cylinder Service

Do your brakes feel “mushy?” Are you pushing the pedal to the floor before your car comes to a reluctant halt? There’s likely air in your brake lines. We’re equipped to provide Las Vegas, NV drivers with master cylinder service, flushing air and old fluid out of your lines to restore the responsiveness of your brake pedal.

Performance Brakes

For drivers who want a little extra stopping power or a more responsive braking system, we recommend performance brakes. Chat with one of our service techs about the benefits of performance brakes and if they’re right for your vehicle.

Brake Repair

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Your brakes can save your life. When it comes to something this important, trust Qwest Automotive Service for unbeatable service. Our technicians make sure your brakes are ready to perform at the drop of a hat, so you can avoid danger and damage when the time comes to stop. Contact us today at 702-641-0100 to schedule brake repair, radiator replacement, suspension repair, and more.