Radiator Repair in Las Vegas, NV

The last thing you want is to end up on the side of the road with a smoking hood that’s too hot to open and a car that’s unsafe to drive. To avoid this situation, make sure you’re getting radiator repair in Las Vegas, NV from a qualified expert. At Qwest Automotive Service, our front-end capabilities extend into radiator repair and replacement, keeping your engine cool and running smooth, even on the hottest days in Nevada.

Signs You Need a Radiator Replacement

The most common sign that your radiator isn’t working properly is rising engine temperatures. If you get an engine warning light after driving short distances, it could be a radiator issue causing heat. Or, if you’ve had to pull over and cool your engine on the side of the road, it’s because the radiator isn’t doing its job properly. Going through coolant at a rapid rate? It could indicate a crack or leak in your radiator.

Radiator Repair

Most times, radiator damage is the result of a crack or leak that’s causing fluid loss. Other times, minor accidents can cause radiator damage that’s unseen. We’re skilled at determining what’s causing your radiator to fail or work inefficiently, and we can deliver radiator repair in whatever capacity is needed to restore its cooling abilities to your engine compartment.

Radiator Replacement

Sometimes, it’s cheaper to go in on a radiator replacement than it is to pay for repairs. We can advise you on whether the damage is too great to repair and whether a replacement is the right choice. We even encourage you to get a second opinion at another Las Vegas, NV repair center! We promise our prices are the best and our service will be done to a higher caliber.

Radiator Replacement

Keep Your Engine Cool

Avoiding an overheated, heat-damaged engine is as easy as making sure your radiator is working correctly. If you’ve noticed your engine is running hot or have run into overheating issues, call Qwest Automotive Service today at 702-641-0100 to schedule front-end radiator repairs. Contact us for radiator replacements, suspension repair, auto tune-ups, and more.