Key Programming in Las Vegas, NV

If you drive a late-model vehicle that has a smart key or transponder fob, you can appreciate the security that comes with them. Unfortunately, if you lose a key or need a duplicate, getting one from a dealer can be expensive! At Qwest Automotive Service, we’ll gladly program your key replacement at an affordable cost, so you always have a backup, spare or one to give to a partner.

As a licensed locksmith, you can trust us with key programming in Las Vegas, NV. Not only will we do it correctly, but we will also do it to factory specifications and with care for your security and peace of mind. We give you the convenience of another transponder key, while maintaining the security you appreciate about them.

Key Replacements for All Makes and Models

Different manufacturers have different methods for key programming, and we’re familiar with them all. Bring us whatever make or model you’re driving and we’ll make sure you get a key that’s programmed to work as seamlessly as the original. We have access to technical programming information that makes the process quick and cost-efficient for our customers.

Fobs, Chip Keys, Transponders and More

Need a smart key replacement? Depending on what you’re driving, that could mean anything from a chip key, to a transponder fob, to a keyless entry pad. We’ve seen and dealt with them all. Drivers choose us as their Las Vegas, NV key programmer because they know we’re able to program any type of key with the same level of expertise as a dealer or locksmith—and they trust us to do it!

Key Programming

Get a No-Hassle Space Key

If you need a smart key replacement for your vehicle, waste no time in coming to Qwest Automotive Service. We’ll get you a replacement faster than a dealer and at a much lower cost! Contact us today at 702-641-0100 to inquire about our ability to program a key for your specific make and model, or learn more about our engine rebuilding and automotive electrical capabilities.