How to Maintain a Healthy Radiator

Car radiator maintenance is essential to your vehicle’s health. For optimal performance, you should know how often you need to change your coolant with an auto repair shop in Las Vegas, NV, as well as additional crucial maintenance tips. Use the following guidelines to maintain a healthy radiator and keep your vehicle running smoothly:

  • Keep it full: Your radiator fluid reservoir should be full at all times. Operating your vehicle with too little fluid can cause significant damage to its systems. Your mechanic will check the level of this fluid any time you bring your vehicle in for car radiator maintenance in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Use a 50/50 mix: When you add coolant, always use a 50/50 water mix. Dilute it appropriately to achieve this mixture ratio before adding it to your vehicle. Your local mechanic can also provide fluid that is already watered down to the appropriate consistency for you.
  • Tighten the cap: While it may seem simple, another important part of car radiator maintenance in Las Vegas, NV is to keep the radiator cap secure. Make sure this cap is on tight, as its purpose is not just to keep the fluid safely inside but also to keep the chamber pressurized.
  • Clean it: Bring your vehicle to a professional twice each year for car radiator maintenance. The mechanic will clean out the radiator, which will ensure the system continues to operate smoothly. To remember to do this maintenance, include it as part of your regular oil change visits.
  • Flush it: If you’re wondering how often you need to change your coolant in Las Vegas, NV, here’s your answer. Your radiator should be flushed once each year. Schedule this service with your local mechanic to stay on top of healthy car radiator maintenance. This service removes particle buildup and prevents clogging.
  • Flush it again: Keep in mind that some vehicles require a coolant flush more than once per year. If you drive your vehicle more than average throughout the year, you may need an additional flush. Consult with your local mechanic to determine the best frequency for your vehicle based on your driving habits.
  • Partner with professionals: Of course, not all car radiator maintenance in Las Vegas, NV is equal. Always take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic who is worthy of your trust. To determine the shop’s merit, look for experience in the industry, positive reviews from other customers and a track record of success.

Keep your car in top shape

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