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How Much Electricity Do Heaters Use in Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular across the United States as the population grows more climate-conscious and there is an increased need for vehicles that do not rely on fossil fuels for their power. This is only going to increase as electric vehicle technology improves and the prices of these vehicles get more competitive. If […]

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How Does Cold Weather Affect Electric Cars?

Planning to take your electric car on a road trip? If you’re traveling to an area that regularly experiences cold temperatures and precipitation in the winter, you need to be aware of how electric cars behave in winter weather. So, how does cold weather affect electric cars? Read on to learn what to expect. A […]

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Do Electric Cars Still Need Maintenance?

One of the biggest benefits of electric cars is that they require a lot less maintenance than traditional vehicles. Electric vehicles lack about two dozen of the mechanical systems that make gas-powered cars so expensive and finicky to maintain. You won’t have to change oil, get tune-ups or repair belts, transmissions and more. In fact, […]

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