Do Electric Cars Still Need Maintenance?

One of the biggest benefits of electric cars is that they require a lot less maintenance than traditional vehicles. Electric vehicles lack about two dozen of the mechanical systems that make gas-powered cars so expensive and finicky to maintain. You won’t have to change oil, get tune-ups or repair belts, transmissions and more. In fact, electric vehicles cost about a third as much to maintain. However, make no mistake—your EV car does need maintenance in Las Vegas, NV. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Every month: Each month, make it a point to check your windshield wiper fluid, and top it off when necessary. You should also check your tire air pressure, especially when it starts to get hot. Make any adjustments necessary and ensure that the tread is still in good shape.
  • Every 7,500 miles: Take your vehicle in to the shop for a full maintenance inspection. Your mechanic will check the coolant levels, which affect the battery, power inverter and charger, as well as the cabin heater. They’ll check the brakes, steering, suspension and chassis for damage, as well as the half shafts, drive shafts and power steering. They should look at your airbags, accelerator pedal and gas struts, lubricate the body components and rotate the tires, too.
  • Every six months: Make it a point to flush the underbody with clean water. This removes corrosive elements like road salt—although you’re not likely to encounter much of that in Las Vegas, it’s still good practice to clean your vehicle from underneath.
  • Every 15,000 miles: Replace your wiper blades every 15,000 miles, or whenever they stop functioning properly.
  • Every 36,000 miles: Now is the time to replace your cabin air filter, but don’t hesitate to do it sooner if it’s no longer working as well as it used to.
  • Every 75,000 miles: This is the time to replace the gas struts, whether located in the hood or the body (or both).
  • Every five years: You only have to replace your brake fluid and coolant every five years, so be sure to take it to the shop right on time.
  • Every seven years: Finally, every seven years you should have the air conditioning desiccant replaced. This will help prevent corrosion in your vehicle.

As you can see, electric car maintenance in Las Vegas, NV is a lot simpler than traditional car repairs and maintenance. While they tend to be more expensive initially, owners will save a great deal of money in the long run. And when you work with a great auto repair shop like Qwest Automotive Service, it’s even easier. We’ll help you understand what kind of maintenance your specific electric vehicle needs, so you’re always on the ball. That extends your vehicle’s lifetime—and helps keep your daily life running smoothly, too.

If you would like help maintaining your electric vehicle, give the team at Qwest Automotive Service a call today. We’d be happy to set a maintenance appointment at your convenience and help you get your electric vehicle on the proper schedule!