Signs Your Transmission May Be Failing

The implementation of automatic transmission in automobiles has made life much easier for drivers everywhere. It allows drivers to drive with one hand only and frees them to focus on the road more. But like manual transmissions, automatic transmissions still have their share of problems.

It’s important to know when you’re having transmission problems and require transmission repairs to ensure you can drive your car safely. A catastrophic transmission failure that occurs in the middle of the road or on the freeway can leave you and your passengers in a precarious position. This article will cover some signs that your transmission may be going bad.

Your check engine light is on

You should always snap to attention when your check engine light comes on, as it could be indicative of a larger problem you can’t see. The light could be triggered by any number of factors, including your transmission, so getting it checked soon after it comes on would be wise.

You notice a burning smell

It’s never good when you smell something burning within your car, and as you might expect, it could be an issue with your transmission. The smell could be the result of a few different things, including superheated transmission fluid. This fluid is crucial to your transmission’s function, so it’s important to get your car inspected if you smell something burning.

Your car won’t start or is slow to start

In the cold winter weather, your car may start sluggishly, and your transmission might be to blame. In addition, a complete transmission failure may prevent your car from starting at all. By heeding these warning signs, you’ll hopefully be able to get your transmission fixed before it leaves you stranded.

You hear odd noises when your car is in neutral

When it’s in neutral, your car should run smoothly. If you hear a bumping noise while it’s in neutral, there could be a problem with your transmission’s fluid. You could try replacing your transmission fluid if you feel up to it, but the problem might be mechanical. In that case, you should take it in for transmission repairs.

You notice a delay when shifting gears

A vehicle’s automatic transmission should shift gears quickly and effortlessly. If you notice there’s a delay between when gears should be shifting and when they actually do, this could indicate a problem. Some people refer to this phenomenon as “slipping,” and if you experience it, you’ll likely need transmission repairs.

Your car is leaking transmission fluid

The only positive thing about this issue is that it’s easy to identify. If you notice spots of red, sweet-smelling fluid underneath your car after it’s been parked, your car is probably leaking transmission fluid. Because of how critical transmission fluid is to your vehicle, you’ll want to have this and other transmission problems taken care of right away.

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While knowing the potential warning signs of a failing transmission is certainly valuable, there’s no substitute for having a trained automotive professional look at your vehicle. That’s where we come in. If you’re having transmission problems and need transmission repairs, give us a call at Qwest Automotive Service. We understand how important your car is to you, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure it runs smoothly and reliably.