The Importance of Clean Air Filters

You may routinely check your tire inflation as well as the level of oil in your car—but just as important as these basic maintenance tasks is keeping the air filters clean. The fact is that while these are inexpensive parts, they perform an essential job. When a car burns a gallon of gas, it utilizes the equivalent of 12,000 gallons of air that have to be kept clean.

Read on to find out more about clean air filter importance.

The job air filters perform

Air filters are responsible for collecting all the grime, dust, dirt, debris, insects and anything else that is sucked up through the air intake on a car’s grill and then sent to the engine. Without it, these contaminants could easily damage the engine. An air filter that is dirty or worn out means the engine won’t have enough clean air to operate properly.

Every engine uses clean air continuously, as it’s needed for the combustion process to take place. A well-functioning air filter offers just the right ratio of air to fuel for this process to happen. A dirty air filter means your engine loses efficiency and power. It’s even possible that your engine will stall out completely.

When air filters need to be replaced

Air filters don’t necessarily need to be replaced at every oil change. Most experts recommend that the air filter be swapped out once every 12,000 miles. Drivers who are in particularly dry or dusty regions may want to replace the air filters more often.

Benefits of replacing air filters

The fact is that replacing a clogged or old air filter will boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency while improving acceleration. On top of that, air filters are responsible for maintaining the car’s air/fuel balance. When this is off, it may pollute the spark plugs. This can cause issues, such as the engine idling poorly. Eventually, the dreaded service engine light may pop on.

This imbalance can also have an impact on your car’s emissions, contributing to polluting the surrounding environment. It may also be an issue if you take your car in for an emissions inspection.

A basic maintenance task you shouldn’t ignore

Even small particles passing through an air filter can do significant damage. Luckily, replacing an air filter is a quick and cheap way to keep your engine running well long into the future. If you’re thinking of swapping out the air filter yourself, be sure to check your manual and find out which air filter is right for your car’s make and model, as there are hundreds of air filters on the market. You also want to choose a high-quality air filter that will do the job for thousands of miles.

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