Fall Car Maintenance Tips

Fall is the best time to get your car ready for winter. We all know what the coldest time of the year will bring, and fall is like nature’s way of giving us a head start to prepare for it. While it can be easy to get lulled into just enjoying the changing colors of the leaves and the comfortable temperatures of the season’s transition from hot to cold, it’s important to take advantage of this time to do some preparatory car maintenance at your local auto repair shop in Las Vegas, NV. Here are some fall car maintenance tips you should know about.

Check the battery

Nobody wants to be stranded on a cold winter night because of a dead car battery. The good news is that you might be able to avoid this fate. In addition to making sure not to leave the lights on after you park, you can inspect the battery in the fall to make sure it’s in top shape.

For starters, make sure the battery connections are clean and free of any corrosion, then check to make sure the connections are tight and solid. Cold weather can be hard on your car’s battery, so you may want to ask a trusted auto mechanic to test the battery the next time you bring it in, and have it replaced if it is nearing the end of its usable life.

Check the tires

Tires are one of the most often overlooked aspects of fall car maintenance. Did you know that when the temperature gets colder, your tire pressure also drops? That can lead to underinflated tires, which can affect handling and gas mileage.

Not only is it important to check your tire pressure on a regular basis and fill with air as needed, but you should also make sure the tires themselves are in good condition. Winter can bring hazardous road conditions, and these will be even harder to navigate if your tires have bald spots or other wear and tear issues.

Wiper blades

The best time to change your wiper blades is in the fall. That way, you’ll be ready for the rain with fresh, new wiper blades by the time the first drops hit your windshield. Nobody wants to find out they need new wiper blades during a rainstorm!

Have the brakes checked

Another good fall car maintenance tip is to have your brakes checked. As mentioned, winter weather can create hazardous road conditions, and if your brakes aren’t in top shape, it can be harder to navigate the roads and react in time. It’s best to have a professional take a look at them before winter arrives to make sure you will be as safe as possible while driving.

Whether your car or truck needs a major overhaul or just a tune-up, it’s important to bring it to an auto shop you can trust. With a reputation for friendly customer service and expert vehicle care, Qwest Automotive Service is your best bet for everything related to your vehicle. To schedule maintenance or get answers to your questions, contact us in Las Vegas, NV today.