Why Your Car Heater Is Blowing Cold Air

It’s bad enough to step outside on a cold winter’s day and have to sprint to your car to get warmed up. It’s even worse when you get in the car and find that your heating system is only blowing cold air—even after you’ve given it sufficient time to warm up.

This is a common problem mechanics must address during the winter, and there are several issues that can cause it. It is important for car owners to get the problem repaired as soon as possible, as during periods of extreme cold weather, this can be a big safety issue for passengers in the car.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most common problems that can result in a car heater blowing cold air:

  • Heater core problems: Heater core failure is a common cause of the heater not working properly. For example, the blower motor air could be failing to reach the heater core entirely. In some cases, the heater core could develop a clog or backlog. This is an issue that should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid potential engine overheating and other damage.
  • Insufficient coolant: Every vehicle requires coolant in the engine to maintain proper operating temperatures. During the summer, this helps to keep the engine from overheating, but during the winter, it insulates the engine and prevents it from freezing up. The coolant is transferred from the engine to the heater core, which then pushes warm air through the vents in your vehicle. If you do not have enough coolant in the car, then it will prevent your heater from functioning as it should.
  • Heating controls not working: For older cars, there are buttons and controls that directly control the heat that can become broken or clogged. These controls will need to be repaired or replaced if you are to get the level of heat you desire from the system.
  • Thermostat malfunctioning: If you still see a temperature gauge set on cold even after you’ve started your car and have given it sufficient time to warm up, this could be a sign that your thermostat is experiencing some malfunctions. You’ll need to get the thermostat communicating with the engine properly once again if the heating system is going to function as you intend it to.
  • Water leaks: There are some circumstances in which water leaks could occur in the various systems of the vehicle. Depending on where the leak is coming from, this could cause the heating system to malfunction. This is most likely to be an issue for leaks coming from the radiator, water pump or hoses. Be sure to check your system for leaks and make the necessary repairs.

If you’ve been experiencing any issues with your vehicle’s heating system, it’s important to get the vehicle checked out as soon as possible by a qualified mechanic. Get in touch with the experts at Qwest Automotive Service for more information and to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle.