Common AC Problems in the Spring and How to Prevent Them

The air conditioner in your home is an essential appliance that you will use during the warm months of the year. Unfortunately, during the spring months, many property owners will find that their air conditioners are suddenly not working as well as they did in the past. Several common AC problems can occur that you should be aware of. Fortunately, there are ways to fix and prevent these issues from occurring. 


What Is the Most Common Problem With Air Conditioning?

One of the challenges with an air conditioner is that it sits outside and is largely unexposed during the long and cold winter. Due to this, various problems can occur when you start to use the system during the spring. Fortunately, most of these can be solved either by yourself or with a technician. 

Refrigerant Leaks

One of the common issues that people can experience with an air conditioner during the spring is a leak of refrigerant. The refrigerant is a very important fluid necessary to keep your home cool. If you notice that your home is not getting cool, you will need a technician to check your system first. If there is an issue with the refrigerant, they will need to seal, fix, or replace the broken parts and then refill the system.

Dirty Filter and Ducts

The air conditioner filter is critical as it helps to keep debris out of your ducts and air conditioning system. Over time, these filters will start to get dirty and clogged. Eventually, they could start to block cool air from getting into your home. You can help to prevent this problem by replacing your HVAC system filters regularly and having your ducts cleaned out each year. 

Thermostat Challenges

A thermostat is necessary to control the temperature of your home. If it is not properly connected to your air conditioner, your home will not cool when needed. You can often fix this problem at home by simply replacing the thermostat with a new one. 

How Do I Prepare My AC for Spring?

Once the weather starts to turn, you will want to use your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. A great way to ensure that your air conditioner is prepared is by hiring a technician for an annual inspection and tune-up service. These services can help keep your HVAC system efficient and identify any repair needs before it is too late. 

You can also help prepare your air conditioning system by keeping it clean. This includes ensuring that you sweep up the area around your air conditioner regularly, which will keep dirt and leaves out. You can also protect the system by replacing filters regularly. This can help keep debris out of your HVAC unit and ducts and improve its output, reducing your energy bills.