Common Car Issues In The Fall

Why Does My Car Start Having Issues After Summer?

Automobiles developing issues during the fall when they ran fine during the summer is a common problem. The reason for this is fall brings lower temperatures and often increased moisture. This can cause problems that were unapparent or easy to ignore to start negatively impacting your car’s performance.

What Are the Most Common Car Problems in the Fall?

As the seasons change, several issues that you may not have noticed during the summer can become far more noticeable as you enter the later part of the year. Some of the most common issues car owners encounter include the following examples.

  • A Weak Battery: A weak and aging car battery may be able to make it through the summer but will start having problems in the fall. When the temperature starts to drop, your car requires more power to start and run various systems such as the heat. If you are noticing performance issues such as weak starts or dimmed displays, you should have your battery tested to see if it needs replacing.
  • Fluid Leaks: The high summer temperatures can damage seals, gaskets, and hoses. These cracks and leaks can become far more apparent as colder weather puts more of a strain on your automobile’s various systems. Checking for leaks and replacing old or damaged parts can prevent this from becoming a problem later. You should also check fluid levels and refill any that are running low, such as windshield wiper fluid or antifreeze.
  • Rain Causing Electrical Issues: Summers are often dry and very hot, keeping your car’s components dried out. In fall, the increased rain and condensation can cause issues with any electrical issues your automobile may have. This can lead to issues with components such as the lights, internal displays, radio, starter, and more. An inspection can detect any damaged wires or old fuses that need replacing.
  • Rust: A drawback of the summer is that it can cause your car’s antirust coating to wear away. The increased moisture fall brings can easily cause rusting in vulnerable areas such as your car’s wheel wells. Check your car early in the fall for any rust spots or areas where rust could occur. Getting these issues addressed early prevents future damage and repairs.

Final Considerations

While many of these automotive issues can be unpredictable, you can avoid them with some preventative care. A professional inspection can detect any issues that could be a problem during the fall. This allows you to make any needed repairs before they become a problem in the cooler weather.