Signs That Your Car Heater Needs To Be Repaired or Replaced

If you are concerned about your car heater not working properly, it may be time to have it repaired or replaced. Typically, you will notice signs when your heater begins to stop working properly. Heating systems are important because they will keep you comfortable while you are driving. Not having a properly working heater means more stress is put on the engine. This can have a direct impact on the fuel combustion system as well.

Indicators My Heater Needs Replacing

If you experience an issue with your car’s heating system, you may begin to notice several obvious signs.

A Foul Odor

You may begin to notice a smell coming from the cabin. This could mean that there is a leak in the coolant. If you notice a musty smell, you can try checking for a leak around your car. If a leak is present, you will notice a puddle around your vehicle.

No Heat Coming Through Vents

If you notice that no heat is coming through your vents, it could be because of the blower motor in the HVAC system. If you want to confirm that it is a faulty blower motor that is causing the problem, you can try turning on the heat to see if you feel any warm air as the car begins to heat up. If you are not able to feel any air, it could be due to the heater core no longer working.

Car Not Heating Up

Maybe your car does heat up, but it takes longer than normal. First, no car is able to instantly let out hot air the moment you turn your car on in cold weather. It may take older vehicles a little bit longer to push warm air through the car than newer vehicles. But, if you notice that it is taking way too long for hot air to come through the vents, there is a good chance that your heater is not working properly. This could be the result of a filthy heater core. If the heater core is dirty, it will not be able to push warm air through the vents.

Notice Lukewarm Air

Chances are high that something is wrong with your heating system if you notice lukewarm air instead of hot air blowing through your vents. This may be the result of a clogged or filthy heater core. The best thing to do is flush the heater core or have a mechanic replace it.