Electric Vehicles vs. Gasoline Vehicles

If you are considering purchasing an electric car, you should know everything there is to know about the other types of cars available on the market today. Electric cars rely on batteries instead of gas. If your car’s battery runs short, you will have to find a charging station. While electric cars have their pros, there are also cons. Continue reading to learn about the pros and cons of gas and electric vehicles to help determine which vehicle is best for you and your routine trips to our local auto repair shop in Las Vegas, NV.

Pros & Cons of Gas Vehicles

Gas engines are typically people’s “go-to” vehicles today. They have been around for a long while and offer people a driving experience already known to them.


Gas vehicles are easy to use and easy to fill up when you need gas. Gas vehicles make the perfect option for long road trips. They are also much cheaper than electric cars to buy upfront. Additionally, gas vehicles have become more complex over the years, making them more powerful and fuel efficient.


Even though gas vehicles are fuel efficient, they have more of a negative impact on the climate and the earth. This is an advantage to electric vehicle makers. Electric vehicles are now being created at an extremely fast pace. Many people are moving toward the direction of electric vehicles because they know they can receive tax credits and other incentives from the government.

Pros & Cons of Electric Cars

Electric vehicles have been around for almost the same time as gas vehicles. But, with that, comes so many improvements, including charging, range, batteries, and more, making these vehicles more attractive to buyers.


Less Maintenance

Gas vehicles are less expensive. However, there are also benefits to owning an electric vehicle. The biggest benefit is that you won’t have to worry about frequent maintenance. No need to worry about oil changes, mechanical breakdowns, or exhaust system issues.

Better Performance

Electric vehicles perform slightly better than gas vehicles. Electric vehicles contain immediate torques and excellent acceleration, making drivers more thrilled to own them.

Tax Incentives

Depending on the electric vehicle you purchase, tax incentives may be available. The federal government offers a one-time tax incentive of up to $7,500 to buyers of electric vehicles who are eligible. 


Charging Locations

Depending on where you live, there may or may not be many options for charging stations near you. This is a disadvantage for those who live in apartment complexes or for those who rent. It can be almost impossible to install a charging system to use at home.

Purchase Amount

This one is obvious. Electric vehicles are much more expensive than gas vehicles, no matter the size or type you purchase.

Charge Time

Unlike filling up a gas tank, electric vehicles take a long time to fully charge. This can have an impact on road trips and can turn a simple trip into a long one. Contact us in Las Vegas, NV if you want a clearer picture of what kind of maintenance you can expect with these models!