Why Is It Important To Have My Car Aligned?

Having a car is an investment. It can take thousands of dollars and hours of work to ensure your vehicle is going to work well and work safely. That being said, some services are simply unavoidable and very important to the function of your vehicle, and alignment is one of them.

What Is an Alignment, and What Is the Importance of Having Your Car Aligned?

You might be asking, why is wheel alignment important? To understand the answer to that question, it is helpful to first understand what wheel alignment is. As you drive, your car’s wheels might hit bumps, potholes, or even large cracks in the pavement that have the potential to shift the position of your wheels. For reference, your wheels should be parallel to the frame of your car.

With each bump or jostle, your wheels can move a fraction that can then make your car pull to one side or other. If your wheels are out of alignment for too long, it can have serious repercussions for your car and cause major issues.

Why Is a Wheel Alignment Important?

The first and perhaps most important reason to have an alignment is to ensure that the wheels are still parallel to the frame. They are designed to be parallel to the frame. When they are not, it puts stress on the frame and on the wheels themselves. Another reason to align your wheels is to reduce cause uneven wear and tear on tires.

A tire that is not aligned can get a worn spot that makes it hard for that tire to continue to be used. It can make flat spots on the tire that can cause your ride to be bumpy and unpleasant, it can cause the tires to wear out faster, and it can make it so that your frame needs work as well.

Still another reason to keep your wheels aligned is that when a car pulls to one side or other when it is out of alignment, it can be stressful and difficult to drive. It is always a good idea to have your car aligned if you notice that it is pulling to one side or other or that it is not driving the way it should be.

So, how often should you have your car aligned? A good rule of thumb is to have it done when you have new tires put on, when you have your tires rotated, or when you notice that there is something wrong or that your car is not driving the way it should be. You can generally tell when the alignment is off or when it needs to be serviced.