Not Sure When To Change Your Spark Plugs?

Most vehicle owners pay close attention to the tires and the big engine components, but they don’t acknowledge or care for those tiny little spark plugs. Here’s some information you might need if you’re asking, "When should I change my spark plugs?" 

How Important Are Spark Plugs?

Your spark plugs are essential to your motor’s operation. They burn the fuel so that your vehicle’s engine can ignite and run well. The simple way to view their importance is this: If they don’t work, your car will run poorly. In some cases, your car will refuse to start at all. Changing your spark plugs at the right intervals will ensure that you get top performance out of your automobile at all times.  

How To Tell When You Need Spark Plugs

You might want to know, "How do I know when my spark plus need changing?" These are a few things you can do if you’re not sure:

1. Check the Owner’s Manual

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual is one of the most reliable resources to look at if you want to know when to change your spark plugs. If the mileage on your car is more than the recommended time interval, you need to change the plugs.

2. Inspect the Spark Plugs

If you feel like tinkering with engine components, you can check your own spark plugs. You’ll need to turn your car off, remove the rubber boot from each spark plug, and unscrew it from the cylinder head with the appropriate tool. You will then need to visually examine the top of each plug to see if it is black, ashy, rusty, or oily. Those are all symptoms of an issue that needs attention fast. 

3. Consider the Symptoms

You are probably right about needing spark plugs if you’re experiencing some major symptoms. Poor fuel efficiency, stalling, erratic idling, and sputtering are signs that you may need new items.

4. Take the Car to a Mechanic

Take the car to a shop for an inspection and diagnostic test if you aren’t handy with mechanical items. Your mechanic will know very soon if you need a tune-up or spark plug replacement. 

What To Do if You Think You Need New Plugs

Don’t wait too long to have your vehicle examined to check and see if you need spark plugs. The life of your car is counting on you to do the right thing. Use the methods mentioned above and contact an experienced mechanic if the tactics you use do not work for you. The diagnostic testing probably won’t last very long. You’ll know if you need new spark plugs or something different on the same day, and you can handle it immediately.  

Top-notch automotive repair shops are always available for people who believe they need spark plugs. Scheduling an appointment to get help with your plugs is now easier than ever. Don’t wait until your car starts acting up. Get your plugs checked and replaced today for a long-lasting relationship with your vehicle.