What Is the Life Expectancy of Windshield Wipers?

Your windshield wipers have a humble but critical job — letting you see clearly through snow, rain, sleet, ice, and even mud. In simple terms, your windshield helps keep you safe. You want to make sure they are in good condition, especially during the winter and spring. If you suspect that your blades aren’t working as they should, you probably need to replace them. This article covers everything you need to know, including when you should change your windshield wipers.

Do Windshield Wipers Actually Go Bad?

Windshield wipers are usually made of degradable rubber, meaning that they become ineffective with time. Heavy use could mean damaging your wipers more often. Wear and tear, UV rays, and the materials you use to clean the blades can cause rapid deterioration. When the wiper blades no longer make adequate contact with the windshield surface, they can squeak, smear, chatter or streak, reducing driving visibility.

How Often Should You Change Your Windshield Wipers?

Experts recommend changing your windshield wipers every 6 to 12 months or as soon as you notice damage or different driving visibility. You can also have your car mechanic inspect them and determine whether to change them or not.

When Do My Windshield Wipers Need Changing?

The regular 6 to 12 months may not work for everyone as there are many factors that can reduce their lifespan. Here are a few factors you should check when changing your windshield wipers.


Don’t wait until 6 or 12 months to replace your windshield wipers if you see signs of severe weakness, cracks, wear and tear, or breaks in the rubber.

Chattering Sounds

When your wipers are in poor condition, they will likely make strange chattering sounds as they drag across the glass. This means they are not cleaning your windshield the way they should as they are not entirely in contact with the glass. The inconsistent cleaning can cause vision problems and decrease safety.

Bent or Damaged Frames

If you notice that there is a particular section on your windshield that your wipers won’t clean well, check the frame of the blade. Wiper frames are pretty vulnerable to damage. They can bend or get damaged when scraping ice and snow off the car during winter.

Rubber Problems

The rubber on your wipers can be damaged by exposure to elements such as UV rays. If the rubber appears brittle or cracked, it may not make proper contact with the windshield, which affects performance and visibility.

Season Changes

It’s always prudent to get new wipers before the winter season and make sure they can handle the harsh weather. They should be strong enough to handle cold temperatures and clear snow and ice much faster than regular wipers.

Get Your Vehicle’s Windshield Wipers Inspected and Replaced Today

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